Shambhala Music Festival back again in 2020 as one of the best festivals in the world

Returning year after year to our favorite festival brings a certain type of happiness out of us. A mix between those warming summer moments and a plethora of new adventures with wonderful people. While many of the stages and artists have become bigger in scope, the essence of Shambalove still radiates top down from the curators to the production teams, vendors, press, musicians, fans, and the hundreds of workers who make this week special. The Shambhala Farmily has connected thousands all over this world, challenging them to take a step away from conventional festivals and try out a perfectly curated event that offers so much more than music. The human race comes together to help each other no matter friend or stranger, smiles line the rails at the stages, activities invite festival goers to tap into their inner child. All these and more have been the reason why Shambhala has been around for more than 20 years and will continue to be a talking point when people discuss their favorite festivals. 

Shambhala Music Festival is back again this year at an earlier date (July 24-27) with a multi-disciplined lineup consisting of international and home grown talent. What started as a birthday party on a farm has welcomed many of the best artists in the world. Hidden in the Kootenay mountains in British Columbia Canada, Shambhala has attracted people far and wide to dance without worry or fear. The stages of The Village, The Pagoda, The Living Room, The Fractal Forest, The Grove, and The Amphitheater are independent constellations creating their own experience through music, merch, and vibes. Each stage is in charge of their own bookings and design, they offer unique touches to share with their fans. The layout makes it easy to venture around the festival and get lost or to find something specific. 

The musicians on this lineup cover many genres in the broad electronic world as well as many live performances. Bass music favorites such as BTSM, Subtronics, Clozee, Rezz, G Jones, ill.gates, Seven Lions, Lsdream, Stylust, Tipper, and Space Jesus. This year there is a noticeable amount of techno djs from Testpilot to Richie Hawtin to i_o to Tiga. House and tech house has kept their strength in British Columbia with Chris Lorenzo, Malaa, Justin Martin, Billy Kenny, Walker & Royce, Skiitour, Smalltown Djs, Neon Steve, and Dr. Fresch. Tycho will grace the stage with a dj set hopefully playing new music off his recent album. Drum and bass heads will find solace in this stacked lineup headlined by Sub Focus. The heads of each of the stages also perform their special sets. Rich-e-Rich does his monday morning routine for all that make it this far at The Fractal Forest, Subvert maximizes the tremendous speaker system at The Village, Dj Soup is an integral part of the sunrise sermon at The Pagoda, The Pride giving back to the people of the Kootenays with a celebration, S2 returning to The Amphitheater with a live set, and lastly Footprints at The Grove exemplifying the bass scene. With so many artists to see from all different spectrums it is sometimes necessary to split the sets up as the scheduling tries to spread everyone out evenly. 

Shambhala has been a hub of innovation and inspiration to the people of Canada, many artists in the region call Shambhala their home and have strong roots in the community. Not only is it a place to showcase top level talent but encourages all artists to collaborate for the future. Skiitour, The Librarian, Smalltown Djs, Mat The Alien, Moontricks, Lazy Syrup Orchestra and many more Shambhala favorites have started in this region which is a hotbed for creativity. 

Some people love Shambhala for the music and others love it for the community, a perfect harmony exists between the two when you pass the gates at Salmo River Ranch. Slowly riding through the bumpy dirt road the magic in the air begins to take hold. Encouraging quotes line the trees on the way in and suddenly you are in the middle of a huge field which operates as a farm for most of the year. Once the accommodations are situated the journey truly begins, heading into downtown passing by the friendly vendors you get to dive into the festival. Each stage is filled with exquisite detail from the dancers in the windows at The Pagoda to the comfy couches at The Living Room. A festival that can be enjoyed solo or with a group of friends. Everybody seems to be on the same page of acceptance and mindfulness. Make a move and be a part of history in the age of festivals.