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Panooc's innovative new EP: Myriad Trax Volume 1 on .WAVCAVE Records

As a musician, a lot of time is spent in solidarity; countless hours trying to connect the feelings and ideas into a multi-layered message. We are all facing a similar imprisonment through the recent global health pandemic. Feelings of restlessness, being lost, uncertainty, and loneliness can now be constant reminders of this new life. Leah Gough-Cooper aka Panooc channels strife and the longing of heartbreak into their new project Myriad Trax Volume 1. A 4-track EP created in a different direction than their other projects to highlight a darker style. A main theme of Myriad Trax Volume 1 is the connection between longing and rebirth. The piece is colored with sampling and reprocessing into left-field sonic worlds. The EP was recorded at different locations in Brooklyn through challenging life...

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