Shambhala Music Festival Has Our Hearts

Shambhala Music Festival

A year ago I was riding the rail during the sermon at Pagoda. Just a young kid enjoying the beauty of Shambhala Music Festival for my 2nd year, I fell in love with this festival and the vibes that transcended through everyone from the artists to the curators to the staff and attendees. A year later H<3art Beats had the opportunity of a lifetime being able to host not one but two Shambhala pre-parties in New York and in Portland.

Our dream was to bring a little taste of the magic out to the states where the industry was very commercialized. With all our wonderful connections with press, artists, and managers we got to live the experience first hand. Never would I have thought I would be on stage in the Fractal Forest hanging out with my amazing new friends Rumpus, SkiiTour, Pigeon Hole & Smalltown DJs or hanging out backstage at the Pagoda with Dr. Fresch’s crew and watching all your lovely faces smile ear to ear as the bangers unleashed. Most of it still feels like a dream that is about to end but it’s just beginning...

Thank you to the hardworking curators at Shambhala for adopting us into your family and making us feel at home. We are beyond grateful of all the friends we met along the way and the Shambhalove that runs through our veins. I used to be lost without a purpose but little did I know everything that we did was for a reason and now we can focus on our passion to make people happy and dance freely. You’re never too old to change and your potential has no ceiling.

Shambhala isn’t just a once a year thing but a way of life. We love you from the bottom of our hearts!

- Joseph Lou