Panooc's innovative new EP: Myriad Trax Volume 1 on .WAVCAVE Records

As a musician, a lot of time is spent in solidarity; countless hours trying to connect the feelings and ideas into a multi-layered message. We are all facing a similar imprisonment through the recent global health pandemic. Feelings of restlessness, being lost, uncertainty, and loneliness can now be constant reminders of this new life. Leah Gough-Cooper aka Panooc channels strife and the longing of heartbreak into their new project Myriad Trax Volume 1. A 4-track EP created in a different direction than their other projects to highlight a darker style. A main theme of Myriad Trax Volume 1 is the connection between longing and rebirth. The piece is colored with sampling and reprocessing into left-field sonic worlds. The EP was recorded at different locations in Brooklyn through challenging life situations and various headspaces.

Myriad Trax Volume 1 starts and ends with Monoimi, based off Panooc's one month journey into Tokyo in 2011 where they were performing to the masses but would end up alone and removed from communication. The song is an introspective journey into the real side of touring. Hints of light and airy sounds coincide with a riveting undertone and guide you through new surprises around every corner. Sean Cormac remixes Monoimi into a high energy record. Sean takes the airiness and control of Monoimi and injects it with bass, kicks, and standout keys. The remix gives the song a new perspective into those Tokyo nights. 

Building on the energy that was established in the first piece, the second song Axiom 59 opens another door with it's catchy drums and progression. It is complex yet calming, perfect to play in the car on a long drive or at a club filled with lasers. Axiom 59 pulls the listener in with distorted vocals and continuous bounce. For those chasing the high it comes alive in the latter half of this track. 

The third record Glasgae Kiss pays homage to Panooc's Scottish heritage. Glasgae is slang for Glasgow and this piece personifies longing and heartbreak. With the darkest tones of the EP, Glasglae Kiss expresses the beauty in sadness. This is one of the most interesting songs on the project because it strays away from more conventional sounds to a forward thinking concept. In between the darker notes we have the main motif of the EP slipping in and out. 

Myriad Trax Volume 1 is a learning experience, breaking down the barriers and rebuilding them with unlimited potential. The feelings evoked are very human in a world where it can be hard to express oneself. The EP will be released on .WAVCAVE Records, a Brooklyn based collective aiming to build and support local artists seeking refuge from the oftentimes uninspired and uncomfortable spaces in NYC's dance music culture. Taking the power back from the big labels and allowing artists to be themselves. Myriad Trax Volume 1 will be available on Bandcamp for an exclusive EP release on May 29, 2020 and on all digital streaming platforms on June, 5th. Click here to listen to the preview.

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