H<3art Beats Rise in New York City

Our first encounter with music came in darkness and warmth. A consistent thumping, a timed drum as we kicked at our mother’s stomach in our first attempt to dance.

That’s why we chose the name H<3art Beats- because everyone has one. Rhythm is in our nature and connection with others experiencing the same melodies enriches our lives in ways that ripple throughout our daily lives. The people we meet in dark basements and random warehouses witness our soul opening up and our bodies letting loose. It’s an intimate moment, and one that is profound in our modern times with not enough time to encounter the unseen and spiritual part of life.

H<3art Beats events provide the space for you to evolve and reach a new level of consciousness surrounded by friends and a thoughtfully curated soundscape with thought-provoking visual art and dancers aimed to help you get even deeper. Look inside and discover your internal drumbeat.