DJ Q and His Valiant Entrance to New York

dj q at rose gold

On a cold December night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn reminiscent of DJ Q’s home in England, a story was compiled - one of culture, perseverance, togetherness, strife, and talent. It was the first time Shollen Quarshie aka DJ Q would bring his tremendous catalogue of UK bassline, garage, house, footwork, jungle, and grime to New York City. A legend in the making that toured all over the world, now had the opportunity to showcase his art to the city that never sleeps. Heart Beats has always been about variety in terms of our musical drive, while focusing on house and bass music this DJ Q show would be the perfect blend of our strengths. Bringing out new experiences and revolutionary sounds is a challenge but one that comes with great reward.

Rose Gold was the venue hosting this event, the night was going to be a monumental opportunity to bring a new flair to a city with so much creativity. It was an intimate setting where there were no barriers between the artists and the fans, a Boiler Room-esque experience which Q has been a part of back home in the UK. Q would play an extended set through the late night riveting the crowd with his perspective. 

It was a dream come true to host DJ Q in my hometown, he has been one of my favorite artists for 4 years, I remember the day I found out about him while searching the internet for best albums of the year. When the opportunity came to book him for this first show in New York City we had to jump on it. With the help of Heart Beats, Alex English, Apollo, James Cook from Full Flex, Raphael Torres, Full Force and the rest of the vital members of the Heart Beats Family we etched a positive sculpture on the New York City music scene. Having the opportunity to speak to DJ Q for a few moments before his set we got to exchange how great it was to be here and the respect was mutual.

Towards the end of the night, the tight-knit underground community came together to solve an issue: the promoters that were hosting Shiverz had their venue revoked during the middle of the night. Needing a place to play and host, all the ticket holders the fans crowd-funded enough money for the venue fee, and we turned one party into two. Ironically enough, Shiverz and DJ Q are both friends from the same hometown. They were so far away from home and play completely different styles of music, but came together in royal fashion. The crowd was extremely respectful and grateful of our warm embrace, and we expanded our fanbase to a different market. 

A dynasty that has been building for years finally found a home away from home. It was one of the most empowering and fulfilling moments in my life, bringing people together over common hobbies has always been my passion and to do this on a larger scale was nerve-racking but I would not trade anything for this enlightening experience. Announcing and promoting this event with 2 weeks notice was a grind but in the end everything went along smoothly.  

Thank you to all our wonderful fans and team members that made this night possible You are the reason that Heart Beats is resonating in the souls of individuals all over the world. There is nothing stopping you from chasing your dreams, with this strong community of like-minded individuals we can continue to improve and reshape the world to be a more loving, honest, compassionate, and artistic place. The culture breaks the boundaries of music and so many doors can open up if you open your heart. 

By Joseph Lou


Photo by Jamie Panico Photography